Book Review: The Four Agreements

Picture courtesy: (Yoga Home, 2015) The Four Agreements was published in 1997 and written by Don Miguel Ruiz, a mexican author. The book is basically about how the voice in our head or our domesticated belief can steal joy and happiness from us. The book convinces us that just like an animal being domesticated by... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Atomic Habits; An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

Oftentimes in life, we keep doing certain things that we even don’t cherish doing it. Relating it to myself, I don’t like that habit in me that constantly checks social media in a day as if like, I have a payment to collect by logging in into it. To extrapolate on this matter, some of... Continue Reading →

My 2020 Reflection

2020 was a hard year for most of us. All of us lived with a fear that the Covid-19 may infect our loved ones and our family. We are in the same way and at the same time excited to hear that a potent vaccine is developed. However, this didn't happen in the year 2020.... Continue Reading →

The Value of Burden

Okay, I can already feel the distaste from readers reading just the title; but give me a minute to convince you otherwise with a simple anecdote from three days ago, which was also Bhutan’s 113th National Day. “If you carry this pothi (a set of Tibetan buddhist scriptures) and circumambulate three times around the center... Continue Reading →

An Encounter with Karma

There are days in our life when we have to work hard to learn new things that collide with our interest and sometimes keep on working because we are scheduled. Whatever the reason be, sometimes you get tired enough to barely notice that your energy is getting drained and there is a strong hunch within... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

Thank you Ranksha for nominating me for this award. You can access her beautiful works from this link[Here] So, I dedicate this award to all my blogging friends who have been supporting me and most importantly your intriguing and creative work, from which, for many times, I learn and enjoy going through. Again, thank you... Continue Reading →

Orange Marmalade

HistoryThe name marmalade was said to be derived from the protoguese word Marmelos which is a type of quince paste. It was believed to be first invented in the year 1700 by James Keiler’s wife when Spanish ship cheaply sold all the cargo containing Seville orange to him. Check this link for detailed history Here... Continue Reading →


I closed my eyes and watched my thoughtsThat thought of mine disloyal, uncharted and freeIt can be compared to stars like a cosmonautOr the crescent moon that looks broken but gustySome as funny as broad caricature smileAnd other, illusionist like my thought that is nastySo intrigued; I watched them find their own exileAnd embraced the... Continue Reading →

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