Sitting on the grassland
I stay drenched to the bright sunlight
My body feels soo warm
But why heart too cold and my head be heavy

As I watch my shadow emerge and fleet
Perennially, I am reminded of the impermanence
That no elite and poor will remain forever
For everything is born to die and dies to be born

Then shifting my gaze to faraway
I see birds singing tirelessly and clouds floating calmly
Isn’t it a little inspiration for this ephemeral life
For we shall learn from loving natures and its effusive values

Walking home with a dose of inspiration
I see my village perched on a ground
A prayer flag fluttering and flower blooming on the way
How substantive and lovely I felt from that moment
For l learnt, happiness is all in little, little and little things.

#Free verse poem # Trying to be poeeeeetic sometimes🍒