A Letter from my future(2030) to my Present Self(2020)

Every one of us has a dream. A dream that we hold so close to our heart, even if it drains so much of energy and accounts for any kinds of personal sacrifices. When these dreams are all accomplished, we define our world as an ideal place to live. The ideal world 2030 that I was living was no different from what most of us have all dreamt. It feels too serene that I could embrace the laughter of my next-door neighbors and the calming view of pleasant nature in pleasing my eyesight. With the decent job that I have got, I am able to help and support my surrounding people with both emotional and physical needs despite races, religion and grades. I find all the people around me filled with positive vibes and we are always taking time to greet and smile at the fullest despite any other busy schedules. I am making the best use of my skill and knowledge in contributing to society and I am able to show my kindness and generosity in helping the weak ones in achieving their dreams and deepest desire. I could write very well in my ideal world that my writing could bring positive influences to every reader to cope up with diversity of problems which dashes them away from happiness.

As I have made it up to my ideal world, the process in reaching at this height was never easy going and it was not just a personal effort. The past 2020 was a turning point for me. I was in college doing my near-final year studies and with the outbreak of viral diseases, the lockdown started like in most of the countries. My university was shut down like any other schools and institutions around the world and the stresses subsequently started multiplying in me. But the past 2020 you, you never did give up. The determined and industrious you was what made me today. I still remember you have been always looking up to good peoples in your life and
respecting the advice of an elder which exactly says like, ’the commitment, perseverance, leadership of the self is most important at the stage like this.’ I remember, the times when you have sacrificed holidays to complete your assignments, thesis and online classes and the days when you tried little harder even if your dreams are what seems to you like a distant mirage. I know you have encountered failures, felt different pinches of emotion, heartaches and often stressed yourself out but also it was you
who didn’t neither obsess self-pity nor gave up. You woke early the next fresh day with the faith in yourself and God and kept moving forward with the calls from the depth in your heart. Today, for all those things, I want to happily thank the younger and the past 2020 me with a
note,’ you did it.’

So as you have progressed and became wiser you over the years, I hope you keep values and discipline always blended with your character. Choose new good friends and keep in touch and respect good old friends, parents and teacher as they are the light in which your life track is

Don’t drink alcohol and don’t abuse drugs. As you have a good amount of money now, save as much as you can and use it in a wise way and in that way you can be happy and always be a good citizen of your nation. And, as you reach your height of an accomplishment be humble and don’t overlook small things in life and always remember that when small things are taken
into account the big thing in life never fails.

Be true. Don’t drain your energy in pretending or copying to be somebody, while that somebody is trying to be another fake someone not realizing everyone is struggling to be truer themselves in the end. Instead, get to know yourselves, fix the things that you don’t like in you. Always follow your inner instinct and work hard. Be passionate about something and keep
reading to enhance your knowledge as each stage of life demands new and competent you.

#Writing a letter with advice from the future you to a present yourself is the best self-care note.

Thank you, Goi Peace Foundation ❤