Collection of My 2021 Poetry Work

1. My Heart to Stay Forever Spring

Spring is beautiful, it’s beautiful
A chirping song of birds
And the serene flower on the way
Even those beautiful crispy sunrise
And the tuning songs of the wind
The full and lucent moon that watches me in the night
And the beats of my heart that misses you
It’s all beautiful, very beautiful
How long did I miss it?
For I feel so content in this season
Let me wish, my heart stay forever spring
Beautiful, calm and serene

2. Mental Health

Masking self is pity thing to do in life
You realise that you smile when you are sad
And you admit when it should be denied
You lead your life with the will of the head
And denies the facts of the heart
It makes your self-esteem low and oftentimes unhappy
You find yourself sad and conflicting with the environment
So when you see someone in such a scenario
Don’t shout at them that they are bad and a moron
Don’t throw negativity behind their back
Maybe, if you take little time to carefully examine
Your little confronting lines can make up their day
Your genuine smile can brighten up their mood
That little act of kindness can go a long way for other
And you can eventually find more happiness in sharing your little happiness
So let’s not belittle every single person
For we never know how dangerous depressions can be
Unless you become a culprit of it

3.Incredible You

The way you verbalize like a mighty knight
Ignite my tender heart with the flame of love
That smile of your, bold and graceful at a glance
Who boldly intrude pains of past and thereof
The way you kisses the joy that flies around you
Make me fantasize, together we can lead a life of greatest efficiency
And that would be the perfect feast we can offer to the all stage of love.

4.When i Exist in This Hard Times

Today the day was hard but not ugly
For the essence of being the very me is not obscured
And for the day was not suffused with sullen expectations
Although these few days, I feel the bottom under my very feet
But how lovely is it to have that zeal
A strong zeal to try even harder, follow passion and keep oneself motivated.

5. Difficulty

Difficulty in life is good
It gives us tons of lows and lots of high
It makes our journey of life precious, adventurous and wonderful
But all of it, it makes you feel that it was all worth it

6. Deception

The day before yesterday’s, yesterday and today
Every time and most often these days
I miss you…
I wish you didn’t change
But how can I anticipate that
The natural thing deceives us, too
Like a day, it never rains when we carry an umbrella
And some winter that never snows
And the moon that makes us believe that the whole childhood
That, it has been following us.

7. Positivity

To a calm and amicable mind
A hostile intentions could be no more
If positivity be the armour of our heart core
And scepticism no more could be
If all souls were as optimistic as we see

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