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Mathew Posa is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it is a great place for an outdoor enthusiast like Posa. He likes everything outdoors, including mostly camping, hiking, hunting, canoe tripping and cooking. He tags alone with one or two of his dogs on every adventure he ventures out on, be it camping on a lump of snowfall or on a canoe tripping.

Matthew Posa YouTube has millions of views and a devoted fan base

So who wouldn’t be interested in learning more about Matthew Posa, Whose YouTube channel has over 500k subscribers and 77 million views. What’s more intriguing is that, let’s assume you are bored right now and, like most of others, you happened upon his videos. I dare say that if you are a true admirer of beauty of nature, your eyes will be captivated to his videos. Matthew Posa’s Adventure YouTube Channel was launched around September 2011 and reached his first 100k subscriber on March 23rd, before receiving his silver play button in June 2019. Eventually, his subscriber skyrocketed on 8th of February 2020 hitting 250k subscribers and his YouTube Channel further exploded with 500k subscribers with millions of viewers.

Matthew Posa Monty

But is it simply Posa who is gaining lot of attention on his YouTube Channel? What about Monty and the luscious and artistic delicacies he prepares? Without a doubt, Montay, what seems to us like the most loved and cared dog of Matthew Posa, is equally famous and cute like Posa. Monty in his adorable stocking during snowy day trip, as well as the various poses he strikes in the photos Posa and Funk shared on instagram, make us want to adopt dogs as well. Moreover, the meal that he prepares while he goes off for adventure in the woods looks appetizing.

Matthew Posa Dogs

Monty is not one only dog Posa has. He has Australian Shepherd, Ruger and Hachi with whom he frequently goes for the outdoor adventures. They treat their dogs as if they were kids, providing them with their own sleeping bags, pads, and raincoat. Posa even stated on his instagram page that the dog should wear a mask in order to transmit cuteness. How can such hysterical lines sound so comforting? His wife Funk equally loves dogs as much as Posa do and when her dog Hachi passed away she said that she was depressed. To them, losing Hachi was like losing a member of their family, not just a dog as we can see or perceive. Without a doubt, both of them are a caninophile( a dog lover)

What is the net worth of Matthew Posa?

Although all Posa does is have fun living life, his passion, neither we nor he would have predicted he would make a lot of money from it. But within a short duration, with millions of viewers in many of his YouTube videos and huge subscribers, he makes a great earning. The “Winter camping in a Snowstorm with My Dog” were his most viewed videos among 288 videos he had posted, hitting 13 million views. His other videos like, Winter Hot Tent Camping with My Dogs, Winter Bush Camp with My Dog for 2 nights, Building a Bush craft Shelter Without Tools and Sleeping and many others videos have over more than a millions views. He also has a clothing Merchandise and blog under the name “Matthew Posa Adventure.’’ He has a net worth of $ 487,815 dollars as of 27 January, 2022, based only on his YouTube channel.

Is Mathew Posa Married man?

Posa posted a sweet message to Britney Spear on instagram that he wrote 22 years ago. The poem gracefully explains how much he admires her for her beauty and many talents. But is she the Funk he is referring to or who is Funk? Posa calls his wife Funk and he has even shared many of their good pictures together in his instagram page. Her real name was never unveiled in social sites, but based on her instagram posts, she appears to share Posa’s passion for adventures and dogs and loves them as much as he does. Like Posa’s instagram post, her instagram feeds are filled with cute pictures of dogs and adventures they had together. Moreover, from her recent post in her instagram, we can make out that Matthew Posa Wife name is Erin Funk and she became a certified, accredited, professional dog trainer. It was a lifelong dream to become a professional dog trainer and her dream coming true, she couldn’t be any happier. Funk has a total of 689 instagram post and has over 5k followers.

How old is Matthew Posa

Despite the fact that his birth year was not published on any of his social media pages, we may deduce from Funk’s recent instagram wishes that both of them are over 30 years old. Funk wishes him happy birthday every 15th of October by posting their pictures together on their instagram page.

Why should you pay attention to Matthew Posa’s YouTube videos?

Matthew Posa’s YouTube videos are among the most enjoyable and other videos themed after him. His longest video on his channel can last anywhere from one to ten hours.Still, many people find his videos intriguing and there is always something niche Posa has to offer from his videos to his fans. We can make out from his videos that he is an industrious guy who gives his best in the things he is passionate about. If not, who would dare to travel on a heavily snowy day hauling heavy belongings and continue filming with a smile on his face after being smudged by a branch that was stiffly blown by a blizzard if not? His videos also teach us many life hacks, ranging from fishing instructions to how to build a fire even on snow, survive in snowstorm, get around obstacles while canoeing, cooking healthy and attractive meals, and even how to cross a mud puddle, among other things.

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