Matthew Posa- YouTube, Wikipedia, funk, Monty, net worth, bio, Instagram, camping.

Mathew Posa is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it is a great place for an outdoor enthusiast like Posa. He likes everything outdoors, including mostly camping, hiking, hunting, canoe tripping and cooking. He tags alone with one or two of his dogs on every adventure he ventures out on, be it camping on... Continue Reading →

A Trip to Phajoding

Oh. Well. 2021 was a year like a roller coaster. Everything happened so fast to me. It all began with being a final year student to graduation, our national preliminary examination, main examination, and then to viva voice. โ€œPhew." Thinking of all of it, the year was very stressful but I must say it was... Continue Reading →

A Torn Report

Finding a person who torn the reports became more mysterious as the day passed by. The class also became more chaotic and yet the culprit didn't turn up. "Anyone who knows, who did that", asked the module tutor furiously. Everyone was in pin-drop silence, wondering who was that culprit. The class has a strength of... Continue Reading →

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