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Mathew Posa is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it is a great place for an outdoor enthusiast like Posa. He likes everything outdoors, including mostly camping, hiking, hunting, canoe tripping and cooking. He tags alone with one or two of his dogs on every adventure he ventures out on, be it camping on... Continue Reading →

The Mastery of Love: a practical guide to the art of relationship

Hello ardent readers and bloggers. Despite how cruel the pandemic is, I anticipate all of you are doing great. Do check out my book review or a short note on "Mastery of Love" by Don Miguel Ruiz. Ruiz is one of my favorite authors and to talk about how eloquent he is as a writer,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Four Agreements

Picture courtesy: (Yoga Home, 2015) The Four Agreements was published in 1997 and written by Don Miguel Ruiz, a mexican author. The book is basically about how the voice in our head or our domesticated belief can steal joy and happiness from us. The book convinces us that just like an animal being domesticated by... Continue Reading →

Learn and Live

1. Embrace the abnormal you and be true Many of us if I am not wrong, we are just doing a copy and paste job. We have drained lots of energy in the sake of pretending to be someone while that someone is working hard to be that another fake somebody not realizing everyone is... Continue Reading →

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