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Mathew Posa is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it is a great place for an outdoor enthusiast like Posa. He likes everything outdoors, including mostly camping, hiking, hunting, canoe tripping and cooking. He tags alone with one or two of his dogs on every adventure he ventures out on, be it camping on... Continue Reading →

Collection of My 2021 Poetry Work

1. My Heart to Stay Forever Spring Spring is beautiful, it's beautifulA chirping song of birdsAnd the serene flower on the wayEven those beautiful crispy sunriseAnd the tuning songs of the windThe full and lucent moon that watches me in the nightAnd the beats of my heart that misses youIt's all beautiful, very beautifulHow long... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Four Agreements

Picture courtesy: (Yoga Home, 2015) The Four Agreements was published in 1997 and written by Don Miguel Ruiz, a mexican author. The book is basically about how the voice in our head or our domesticated belief can steal joy and happiness from us. The book convinces us that just like an animal being domesticated by... Continue Reading →


I closed my eyes and watched my thoughtsThat thought of mine disloyal, uncharted and freeIt can be compared to stars like a cosmonautOr the crescent moon that looks broken but gustySome as funny as broad caricature smileAnd other, illusionist like my thought that is nastySo intrigued; I watched them find their own exileAnd embraced the... Continue Reading →


Sitting on the grasslandI stay drenched to the bright sunlightMy body feels soo warmBut why heart too cold and my head be heavy As I watch my shadow emerge and fleetPerennially, I am reminded of the impermanenceThat no elite and poor will remain foreverFor everything is born to die and dies to be born Then... Continue Reading →

Sunflower and Sun

A long time ago when the living creatures and human weren't existing, there lived a lovely couple. They were Sunflower and Sun. The sunflower was a beautiful thing that a ever exist in that particular realm. She has got a lovely petal, leaves and strong body like structure called stem to support her from the... Continue Reading →

A Torn Report

Finding a person who torn the reports became more mysterious as the day passed by. The class also became more chaotic and yet the culprit didn't turn up. "Anyone who knows, who did that", asked the module tutor furiously. Everyone was in pin-drop silence, wondering who was that culprit. The class has a strength of... Continue Reading →

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